Whitney Walsh
Va Beach Counseling Services
Mrs. Davis is highly skilled and educated. She is professional, knowledgeable, and well-informed. She provides excellent support with a down to earth approach and talking with her is easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. I have grown and learned so much with her past and current therapy and I would highly recommend her! Without a doubt the best choice!

GB Jr.

Mrs. Davis is an “A+ Five Star” social counselor! Her trust and enthusiasm to understand life’s woes combined with well researched techniques have guided me for many years. Flexible office hours and a pleasant staff assist with scheduling and handling of my insurances. I highly recommend and thank her for “being there” as a loyal professional and friendly “soundboard”. Such a blessing…

Patti Alger

Rita Davis is a true professional. She is challenging, but not to a fault. She has helped me work thru several problem times in my life. She shares joy with you when something she suggested works. She will ask tough questions but ones valid and are needed. I am still using things she suggested on day one and still work. I would highly suggest choosing Rita Davis as anyone’s therapist, but you must be willing to put in the work also.

Barbara Taylor

My husband recently passed away and I was not ready for a group setting of grief and loss counseling. I made the right choice by choosing one on one therapy. Rita has a professional and compassionate way of understanding and guiding you through this difficult time and was exactly what I was looking for. She a non-judgmental and a great listener….and her guidance helps me understand the feelings that I have and not feel guilty how long it is taking me to resume life. I know there is no doubt that she has helped me during this difficult time. I also want to thank the ladies that work at the front desk who are also professional in every way from signing you in…making appointments and have knowledge about your insurance and are willing to assist you if you have any problems on the administrative side.

Robin Wallace

Rita is an amazing life coach, counselor, and human being. She is well versed in her field and makes you feel right at home. Rita is very open minded and doesn’t make rash judgements therefore she lets you be you. She has helped me through trauma, illnesses and life issues. Yes, the truth can be hard to hear sometimes, but that’s why you seek counseling! I have and would recommend her over and over again. Thank you for your insight Rita!