Depression Counseling Virginia Beach
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Depression can feel unbearable at times. It ranges from mild to severe, and can vary from day to day.   Some people feel depressed or down in the dumps everyday, and for others it may be 2 or 3 times a week, or sporadic with no depression for weeks at a time.  There can be many causes of depression;  sometimes it is situational, such as losing a job, death of a loved one, divorce,  or a relationship breakup.  Depression can also result from trauma experienced in the past.

Symptoms of Depression can include:

• Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed
• Low self-esteem
• Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
• Difficulty concentrating or staying focused
• Tiredness or fatigue more than usual
• Body aches
• Isolating from others
• Lack of motivation
• Difficulty making decisions

Severe depression can lead to not wanting to get out of bed, or not engaging in self-care such as bathing or grooming.  Severe depression can also lead to job and relationship problems.  Counseling can help to eliminate or lessen these symptoms, and restore balance in your life.  Rita Davis, LCSW will explore the causes of your depression, and teach you skills and lifestyle changes to reduce the symptoms.  There is no need to continue to suffer with depression.  Counseling can restore hope, and enable you to feel uplifted and much more positive.