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Jobs can be very stressful. Clients can utilize counseling to vent their frustrations, and have a safe place to ‘unload’ their feelings and thoughts about the workplace.  Rita Davis, LCSW can help you to understand your  co-workers better, and help you problem solve your situation and gain new ideas, so that you go to work with a renewed sense of balance and calm.

Common Workplace Issues:

• Conflict with co-workers
• Communication problems
• Gossip
• Bullying
• Harassment
• Discrimination
• Low motivation and job satisfaction
• Performance issues
• Job overload
• Being made to look bad to upper management
• Not being trained properly to do a job
• Working in a low morale environment
• Working in a “no teamwork” environment
• Being around co-workers who get in power struggles

These are a few of the issues that can occur in a workplace setting.  Sometimes people will begin to feel anxiety or depression as a result of workplace issues.  There are things you can learn to help you figure out what to do in these situations, and learn coping skills for on-the-job stress.